The Major Problem in Today's World: Unclean Water

Today, more than 1 BILLION people lack access to clean drinking water.  And over 2 BILLION people do not have access to proper sanitation.  With such a large amount of people throughout the world in need of clean water, we must take the responsibility to meet this need wherever the need is greatest.  Water is life’s most basic need, it sustains life, yet so many people throughout the world go without this necessary part of life.  An estimated 25,000 people die every day from the lack of clean water and proper sanitation! That is one person every 3.45 seconds!


Unclean water affects every part of a person.  From children not being able to attend school, to parents not being able to maintain a steady job, to high medical costs due to disease.  Water is the sustaining factor in life and without it, families in developing countries never have the oppoSN851749rtunity to enhance their status of life.  For around one-sixth of the world’s population, this tragedy is all to common. 

 Water and sanitation is directly linked to the health and well being of every person in the world.  Clean water has a positive influence on life, while unclean water has the exact opposite, a negative impact. One of the best ways to prevent poverty is to fight Disease.  Disease has a direct affect on every person, especially in the developing countries.  Illness does not allow men and women to hold a job, keeps children from an education, and brings unneeded expenses to the family.  The poorest people in the world are also the most unhealthy.  Bringing clean water and proper sanitation methods to these people, dramatically increases their health, and leads to a dramatic opportunity for decrease in poverty.

There are so many things that play into the status of every family that lacks access to clean water. 



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